Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pictures from Quilt Group

Well, a week after our meeting I'm finally getting pictures posted of our round robin. This first one is Lynn Elkinton's picture. It was taken up in Maine. She e-mailed us this picture and I already know what I want to do for it but have others I need to get done first.

This is what Lynn did from her photo. This was done on her embellisher. She did a really great job with it. Really makes me want to go out and get an embellisher. I can't though. I have enough I need to focus on and perfect right now as it is. Don't need to add something new!

This is Lynn Elkinton's piece from Carmen's picture. I don't have a copy of Carmen's picture yet. Again Lynn used her embellisher. Lots of texture to her pieces.
This is Carmen's piece from her own picture. Hers also has a lot of texture in it. She used all sorts of neat things in hers. A crumpled paper bag painted green, cloth wrapped pipe cleaners for the logs, 3-D leaves that she made. The red one was out of some silk paper she made at one of our meetings and alot of other neat stuff.

I did this backwards, this is Anita's quilt from her picture. Her picture is at the bottom. It came out really good.

This is Marilyn's piece from Anita's picture. She used all sorts of different kinds of fabric for this. I can't remember what they were though.
Here is Anita's picture. I think she said she took it in Nepal. I have her picture now and am stuck on what to do that isn't just a landscape. I'm still working on Marilyn's picture. The nice thing about having the pictures on my computer is I can pass on the original and still be able to work from them.
For Marilyn's I'm making a piece of paper fabric for the background, which is a building. I will add a door and windows with laundry hanging out. It took me a while to come up with the paper fabric for the building. I wanted to do something different for the building instead of just plain white fabric. Took the liberty of changing the building color from white to a brownish tan but it does look more interesting.
Better stop blogging and go and actually get some stuff done!!

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