Thursday, December 04, 2008

Blue Purse

I Don't have any quilts to show but I have been working on this purse. Earlier in the year before I got sick, I pieced together some blue and green squares but then didn't know where to go with it from that point. I loved the colors but it would have been a boring wall hanging. I decided it would make a pretty purse. I had enough pieced together to make the purse body and the square for a pocket inside. Yesterday I made a shoulder strap. Today I put together the flap. Now I just need to cut out and sew up the lining .

Of course, I can't do it the easy way and use a pattern. I have to figure it out and make it on my own. I haven't made a bag in years. The last one I made used the bib from a pair of Kara's overalls from when she was little. Back when she used to wear cute clothes.

Speaking of clothes, I actually took Kara (the girl who hates clothes shopping) clothes shopping last Friday. She wanted to go looking for a suit to interview in at the college she wants to go to. She has been accepted to Houghton College in Houghton, NY. The end of January she has to go there to interview for their Honors proram and for some scholorships. Kara is hoping to get into the honors program and go to England during the second semester of her freshman year. I hope she makes it, I went to England for a semester in college and had a blast. It was a great experience. Some day I hope I can visit England again.

Back to work on the bag. I forgot I had wanted to use the bag as a pattern for the lining before I sewed it up, so now I have to measure it and figure out the dimensions for the lining. Oh, well, maybe I'll remember next time I make one.

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Melanie said...

Awesome colors! What a great idea you have!! :) You guys must be SOOO proud of Kara! I'll be praying the interview goes well and that she is comfortable with the whole process! THANK GOD NY is not too far away!