Monday, December 22, 2008

Felt Beads, Caramel Corn and a Christmas Tree

I've been playing around some more with making felt balls or in the case felt beads. These are made from wool roving and wool yarn. The upper right bead was made from pieces of wool yarn. It has little nubs of yarn showing all over it. You can sort of see them in the picture. I'll have to make some beads that coordinate together and string them up with some of my glass beads.
Here is one of the many batches of caramel corn that Gary has made, cooling off on the counter. He still has 2 more batches to make to give away. I think we are all finally getting our fill of it. It isn't disappearing as fast as the first 3 or 4 batches!!! It is GOOD!!!!

Yesterday, Kara and I decorated the Christmas tree. Kara had to stand on a stool and still couldn't reach the top. Gary found a small step ladder when he got home to finish up. We're estimating that the tree is about 10 feet tall. Biggest one we've had yet. Kara really likes it and wants to know if we will have one as big next year. It really smells good! We still have to figure out where we are putting our recliners. Right now, they are in front of the couch, facing the tv and Christmas tree. Kara says it's like being at the movies.
Today I went shopping for food for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Christmas Eve we're having all sorts of hors d'oeurves and sweets. Christmas day I'm making a breakfast casserole and Gary is making his cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Dinner will be roast beef (or roast beast if you are into Dr Seus), popovers, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies and a sour cream coffee cake and pumpkin pie for dessert.
Well, I'd better get dinner started.

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katelnorth said...

Mmm, sounds yummy - I'll be popping by your house to eat with you :)

Happy Christmas!