Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Felted Balls

I haven't done any quilting but I have been playing around with felting again. I bought myself a new book called "Uniquely Felt" by Christine White and have really enjoyed reading through it. Don't have enough wool to do any bigger projects but I've been enjoying playing around with making felted balls just to get the feeling of the felting process. This first one is a felted geode where you make a ball with different colored layers. Once it is felted, you cut it in half to see all the layers. This is a small one. I'd like to make a bigger one to use as a pincushion.
The balls I showed in the earlier post, were made with a ball of yarn in the center. Here, the top and bottom one were felted around a styrofoam ball. They stayed bigger since the styrofoam doesn't shrink. On the bottom one, I felted wool yarn around it. The blue one is one I did earlier and added the wool yarn after it had already been felted to if and how well it would felt together. The yarn is felted on but not as well as the bottom one. Now just to decorate the ones I've made with beads and embroidery.
I can't believe that 2008 is almost finished!! Where did it go? It's time to look at what I accomplished this year and set new goals for 2009.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh I love that book!! I have just checked it out f the Library as I am trying to preview books before I jump in and buy them. this one is a MUST HAVE !!! I love your felted balls and can't wait to see how you jazz them up with beads and embroidery!! A fabulous place to get great dyed wool at very reasonable prices, in your area, is at Badger Brook Farm In Gilmanton!! Patti has lucious colors in big balls for 5.00/ball!!

Happy New year to you and Yours!!
Best Regards!