Monday, December 15, 2008

Playing with Expanded Squares

Ever since I read the article by Jane Dunnewold in issue 27 of Quilting Arts, I've wanted to play with expanded squares. Just never took the time. Going through my Quilting Arts magazines recently, I came across the article again. I pulled out colored paper and scissors and went to town.
These are fun to play with and could be very addicting!! Some of them came out better than others. As I was glueing these down, Gary and Kara commented on them. They both like the effect of the square one above. I also like the one with the leaves in it.

It would be fun to make some of these into quilts.
The Fiber Divas were supossed to get together for our Christmas party Friday but the weather put a stop to that. I was disappointed. We haven't officially met since September I think and I was really looking forward to Friday. Looks like we won't be able to get together until January now.
Besides playing with the expanded squares, I've also been busy baking and cooking. Today I made oatmeal bread using my Grandma's recipe. I also made chocolate peanut butter squares from my mother-in-law. Of course, I ate more than I should have between the two. Don't want to know what my blood sugar levels were!!! I've been doing really well watching what I eat but today I just wanted to enjoy my food and not think about every bite I put in my mouth. It's been frustrating because I enjoy making treats for my family around the holidays and I don't want them to go without them becuase I have to watch what I eat!!


StegArt said...

I've seen others playing around with this technique too. I haven't tried it yet. My favorite is the leaves in the top photo.

Nicole said...

I really like those. Looks extremely complicated to do...not sure how you would translate that to fabric. I would think it would be hard to cut such narrow strips out of cotton.