Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Day Out With the Kids & Mom & a Moose

Yesterday I had to take Alex to Dartmouth to see the pediatric neurologist for his 6 month check-up. Kara and my Mom decided to come along. Kara wanted do some geocaching on the way home. If you haven't heard of geocaching, go here: . After going to the dr's, we stopped at a pizza place for lunch and then started to look for the four caches that Kara wanted to find.
These first 2 pictures are the foundations of an old mill near where one of the caches was located. Some areas of the foundation were made up of stone from the area. I love the combination of the shapes of the stone, the lichen and moss and the plants above.
Some areas of the walls were made up of bricks and stone, like the picture below. After this we went looking for another cache within walking distance. I went to take pictures of the river along the path and found out the batteries had died after the wall pictures and the extra batteries were in the car. Oh, well.
Looking for the last cache, we saw these flowers with the spotted leaves. I've never seen them before so will need to find my flower book and try to identify them. They are also some of the first flowers I've seen this spring
We also saw this covered bridge from the path. Blogger seems to really like this one, since it posted the picture twice.

On the drive home we saw this moose. It was on the side of the road when we first saw it. After we stopped, it meandered in front of us and into the woods beside us. It was a young one but still really big.
The day was fun despite being cloudy and rainy. We were all tired when we got home.


Elle said...

We don't have them in this area, so I've never seen a moose in the wild before. Lots of deer though.

smarcoux said...

Fantastic ... coming from canada .. now here in the UK we have a thing for mooses ... have stuffed ones here... although they dont know they are stuffed.!!

Dangling by a thread

VickyTH said...

Those flowers are pulmonaria or Lungwort. We call them Soldiers and Sailors here...