Sunday, April 30, 2006


What have I been doing? Not sewing! I decided I needed to reorganize my sewing wall. I have one wall in the living room that has all my sewing stuff. I had been thinking about buying a couple of cabinets to put stuff in instead of having it in tupperware containers and on top of my cutting table. Friday I went ahead and bought a couple. I spent from 2:oopm - 10:00pm putting the cabinets together and rearranging. I wish I had taken before pictures. The place was a mess and all my stuff was taking over the whole livingroom.
One cabinet is almost filled with fabric and batting and the other has miscellaneous things like: wonderunder, stabilizer, yarns, beads, etc. The smaller cabinet, I had before. Since I usually make smaller wall hangings, I have just been using that small folding table to work on, so I cleaned off my cutting table and folded it up and put it on the other side of the tv with a couple of plants on it (hopefully the plants will keep it from getting cluttered with other junk. It is still nearbly if I need it.
Here is the corner over by the tv with a few things that wouldn't fit in the cabinet. The guinea pigs usually don't reside here in the livingroom but we are expecting my husbands sister tomorrow and she will be staying in Kara's room where they guineas usually stay.
I'm also thinking I can use the cabinet by the couch as a small design wall by draping a piece of flannel over the front. We'll see just how neat I can keep this!! Almost afraid of starting a projuect and messing it up!

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Elle said...

I love seeing other folks' workspaces! Here's to organizing!