Sunday, February 11, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Algerian Eye Stitch

I had high hopes of getting this posted for the round up this week but didn't make it. Then I went to post it this morning and found my husband had started the defragging program which take our computer a LONG time to run so I'm finally getting it done now.
At first, I was stuck as to what to do. In bed one night I came up with doing a checker board and each square would be different. I also tried it on my hand painted fabric instead of an even weave fabric.
With 2 of these, I used a bead and in another 2 I wove a yarn in the stitches. The rest are just experimenting with different lenghts and with different size threads.
Some of these make me think of snowflakes or stars.


kay susan said...

Nice idea, it worked really well.

Susan said...

These turned out well. I particularly like the ones on the right, at the end of rows 2 and 3.

How's that quilt class going?