Sunday, April 08, 2007

New Books

I've been telling myself that I need to stop buying so many books. I have enough! Well, look what I couldn't resist. The 1000 Artists Trading Cards I decided to buy after finding out that I have an ATC in it. I had no idea. It's really cool to have something in a book like this. So I just had to buy it! My mom also split the cost with me, so that was added incentive!
I didn't take any pictures of the card I sent in to the Quilting Arts office for the one on one swap but this card was made in the same batch and is very similar to it.
The second book, Landscape in Contemporary Quilts, caught my eye the first time I saw it but I kept telling myself that I didn't need it. I also really like to see a book in person before I buy it. After seeing a better description of it on Joggles web site and seeing it mentioned on 3-4 blogs, all with great reviews, I decided to go ahead and buy it. I'm really glad I did! Ineke Berlyn has done a really great job with this book. Ineke combines quilting and embroidery in the UK tradition. She also talks about using and keeping sketchbooks for developing your ideas. There are lots of great pictures for inspiration! I had to hold myself back from sarting a new landscape project. I have too many things to finish as it is.

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