Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring is FINALLY here! (I think)

It sure has been crazy since I last posted. I had last Monday off and that was when we had the 3rd big storm of April. This last storm was mosty wind and rain. I've never seen the wind blow as hard as it did then. We were lucky we didn't lose any trees or lose the power for very long. There were some who went without power for most of the week. The high school lost the roof on the north wing of the building so Kara didn't have school all week. Alex didn't think that was fair. This week is spring vacation so hopefully the high school will be open when vacation ends.

We also found out that our dog, Ginger, has heartworm. Most likely she picked it up in Arkansas before we adopted her. She tested negative last fall when we had her checked out after we got her and she's been on preventative since then. She spent a day and a half at the vets getting shots to kill the adult heartworms. Now the big thing is to keep her quiet for 4-6 weeks. Ginger doesn't know the meaning of the work quiet. I don't think she understands why we won't play with her. She keeps bringing her tennis ball to us to throw.

I wasn't able to make it to the art quilt group last Friday so I missed seeing all the round robin book pages. This is the one that I made for Carmen's "In the Woods" book. I used pictures of trillium that I have taken around our house. I have GeriAnn's Art Paper Doll book now. Just have to pick it up from Carmen. Will try to get it finished this week while I have the time. I'm also hoping to get alot done on my journal quilt. I hope that I can get some dyeing and other things done in between doing stuff with the kids.

I have to take Kara to take her driving test. It will be nice when she gets her drivers liscence. Alex wants to go to Fun Spot, a local arcade and bowling alley. I'm the one who has to take Alex to Fun Spot since the lights there can set off Gary's epilepsy.


MJ said...

The trillium is lovely! Hope everyone enjoys the time off from school!! said...

Reminds me of a walk in the woods.

rach said...

The trillium is beautiful. I love how the white petals seem to leap off the screen!

Wild Thread Studio said...

Beautiful trillium. You've captured it's lovely simplicity perfectly.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely trillium!