Saturday, April 07, 2007

Round Robins Pages

Yesterday our art quilt group met and exchanged round robin book pages. I don't remember what each piece is called but I think I remember who did each piece.
This is my page for Lynn's "Sky" book. I started a different one but Thursday, I messed it up and had to start over! Talk about frustrating! I like the way the ocean came out with cheesecloth over the blue fabric.
This is GeriAnn's page for my "Nature" book.

Susan's page for my book. The pictures don't do these pages justice!

This is Susan's page for Marilyn's "Techniques" book.

Marilyn's page for Carmen's "In the Woods" book. I have Carmen's book now to work on. I have an idea for it and hope I can actually do it.
This is the first of Susan's book that I've been able to post since it went directly from Susan to GeriAnn in Mass. Susan's theme is (if I remember right) "Personal Godesses". This is Susan's

and GeriAnn's. There are little doors that I had trouble getting to stay open so I could get a picture.
Carmen's biker goddess. I forget what the actual name is. Carmen and her husband like to go out on their motorcycles.
Lynn has her page for GeriAnn's book started but wasn't able to finish it up due to being sick.
GeriAnn, I hope you enjoyed this round of the books. I hope you will get to see all of these in person. They really look so much nicer since you can see all the little details!

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MJ said...

Phenomenal. I love the blocks that look like woods. The details are exquisite!