Saturday, April 28, 2007


My vacation is almost over. I go back to work tomorrow.
Kara is now an official driver. We went up to Twin Mountain (up in the middle of no where) Monday and Tuesday. It was so busy Monday that all she was able to do was take the written test. We would have had to wait 4 hours for her to take the driving test. We decided to come back Monday morning with an appointment at 10. It didn't take too long for her to take the test and get her license.
Thursday we went to Fun Spot. This was Alex's day out. Fun Spot is an arcade and bowling alley. Afterwards we went out to eat.
I didn't get much quilting done. I just didn't feel like it and decided maybe I just needed to take a break and relax. I did get this page done for GeriAnn's "Art Paper Dolls" book. This was harder than the others. I don't do alot of stuff with people or dolls. I'll probably have a hard time with the next page I will be working on. I get Sue's "Personal Goddesses" book next.

Yesterday, I went to Canterbury to Jane Balshaw's studio for her Coloring Fabric Workshop. I had a nice relaxing day. This was my day out for vacation. It was interesting learning about her color theory and seeing her work in her studio.


Pixie said...

howdy from your neighbour on the artquilters blogring. Love the fariy, I want her skirt!!

Judy said...

This is so adorable and I love the flower petal wings and dress!

Karoda said...

Jane's work is so vibrant!!!! A workshop with her would be colour heaven!