Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Goals

I lied yesterday, I did make this over the holidays. It wasn't much but at least I did something. I pulled out tissue paper and grabbed the closest thing on hand - my journal from Sue Bleiweith. I had colored a few of the pages with water color pencils before Christmas so the pages wouldn't be blank. On the first page I made this flower with torn tissue and used colored pencils to highlight it. Not a work of art but at least I did something creative.

At the beginning of each year I try to set some goals I want to try and achieve during the year. I don't hold them like resolutions where you either do them or you don't. During the year, I will review them and modify them as needed. If I decide, my work is going in a different directon than I had written at the beginning of the year, I will change them to reflect the new direction.

Some of my goals are as simple as taking a class to less concrete like developing my own style more.

I write these goals down in my journal - don't know if that is really the word for it. I keep ideas, pictures, samples, drawings, doodles, etc. in it.

It's interesting to look back at some of the goals I had a couple of years ago and see how different they are to what my goals are now.

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Sue B said...

It looks great and I'm so glad to see that you're using the journal :)