Sunday, January 20, 2008

Something New

I made these postcards last week. This is part of a class I'm taking with Myrna Giesbrecht. We were supossed to create 3 postcards and pick a theme to work with and create a little series. I started out with a theme of "houses" but the cards developed a mind of their own and my theme became "pathways".

This one is one of my favorites. The backgrounds for all of the pieces started out with strips of fabric from my scrap bag. This one I stenciled through sequin waste and then added some painted cheesecloth and some beads.

This one, I quilted the background and didn't really like the results so I added cheesecloth to cover it up. As I was playing with it, I put a folded strip of cheesecloth on top and thought it looked like a path. This is where the "pathways" theme came from. I decided to add the black and tan fabric as "trees"

This is one I didn't like. I made a path out of gold fabric. I like the path but then I decided to quilt it in circles but really didn't like the way it looked with the cheesecloth. Also, the bottom tension was off so the stitching on the top half is funky. I decided to try coloring over it with Shiva Paint Sticks. The side with the bad tension turned out terrible. The stiching pulled up to the top. The path and the bottom half looked good so I cut off the top half and will put the part I like into my idea notebook. So even though I didn't like the piece, it wasn't a waste. I did learn something!

This is the piece with the house on it. It's ok but sort of blah. Maybe if I add some hand stitching to it.

Friday, my art quilt group is finally meeting again. It's been a long time since our Christmas party. I'm really looking forward to it. Although, I still haven't picked a picture out and made a quilt from it for our next round robin. I just can't find any of my pictures that I want to use. I have tomorrow off and I think I will make a still life with some bottles or vases or something. It's amazing that you can take a picture and instantly print it from your computer. Lucky for me!!

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Michelle said...

Your pieces are beautiful! Isn't Myrna the best? I really like your use of complimentary colors. The first card is especially striking with the stones. I actually like the circles you quilted into the 3rd piece - they echo the path and hit at other paths that were not taken. The piece with the house is developing nicely, I hope you'll post again when you're finished. :o)