Monday, November 03, 2008

Fiber Divas Exhibit

I'm finally getting pictures of the Fiber Divas exhibit from the first weekend in September. The pictures aren't that great but. I wish I had more time to take better pictures. Our exhibit was at the Belnap Mill Quilter's Guild show in Laconia, NH. Lynn Elkinton spent alot of time at the show(which is a pretty traditional quilt show) to answer questions about our work. I really appreciate all that Lynn did for our exhibit this year.
The first picture shows our round robin books from last year. Unfortunatley there was no way I could exclude the raffle table from the picture.

The next 8 pictures are from this years round robin. We used the idea from The Frayed Edges quilt group in Maine. You can read about them here on Sarah Ann Smith's blog. For our challenge each of us picked a photo then everyone made their interpretation of the photo. I didn't get to make a quilt for each photo but I did managed to get 4 done before I got sick.

The next 2 pictures show some other quilts that we made. The two on the left were made by me. The top right is a round robin quilt that was made 2 years ago and the quilt on the bottom right was made by Anita.

The two quilts on the right were made by Carmen. On the left side, Carmen made the top one and I'm not sure who made the bottom one. I will have to find out. The center one on the right was made by me.

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