Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow Let it Snow!

This is what we awoke to this morning. Now last year school would have been at least delayed if not cancelled since they were cancelling for just about everything. I was suprised there was no delayed opening. From one extreme to the other. At least it is pretty out but the snow is really heavy and branches are breaking off trees and the power has been flickering. Just hope it stays on long enough for me to get this posted! Kara said that it wasn't supossed to snow like this until after Thanksgiving. Most of her life that has been true but not this year! I told her this is what you get living in NH - unpredictable weather.

I still need to get out and buy my groceries for Thanksgiving. Nothing like leaving it till the last minute. I also have an appointment to get my hair cut or I should say chopped off or what's left of it chopped off. Due to being sick, the medicines, lack of nutrition or a combination of these, I have lost most of my hair. I have new short hair growing in now but what's left of my long hair is looking stringy and yucky so it's time to take the plunge and cut it all short. There are lots of women who look great with short hair but I'm not one but it's growing back fast so it shouldn't be too long before it's a reasonable length for me. I think my husband has more hangups about me cutting off the rest of my hair than I do.

Time to get to work(play), I have a small quilt I need to do some quilting on. I also have a purse that I'm designing to use a piece of fabric that I sewed up before I went into the hospital last April. I'm also breaking down and using a pattern for a wallhanging that I'm making for a present. I don't have the time to design anything for it and this pattern is just right. I haven't used a pattern in ages!

I love this "Sew Thankful" sign that Jamie Fingal made for her studio.


Sue B said...

gosh Beth that's a lot of snow so early in the season! Here in Mass we're just getting rain - lots and lots of rain...

Jamie Fingal said...

How nice of you to mention my blog on your blog about my "Sew Thankful" sign in my studio window!