Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It Worked!!!!

For Christmas, Gary gave me Quilting Arts TV Series 1000. I was really fascinated with the marbling that Jo Fitsell showed. I ended up downloading her Marbled Fabric Surface Design workshop from Quilting Arts and decided I wanted to try it. When I went online to buy carrageenan and  alum, Pro Chemical and Dye didn't carry carrageenan but had methyl cel. Went ahead and ordered that. While I was waiting for it to come, I researched other peoples experience with methyl cel and started to get worried. A lot said it was harder to use than carrageenan and they had trouble getting the paint to float. Forged ahead anyways, mixed up the metyl cel, soaked fabric in alum water, and watered down some Golden Fluid Acrylics. And..... it worked!!!! 
There I am, down in the basement, yelling, "It worked!!! It worked!!! This is so cool!!!!" My kids come running downstairs to see what all the excitement is about. When they see it is paint floating on what looks like water, they give me "the look", roll their eyes and head back upstairs.

Here are the pictures.

I think I didn't have enough alum in the water that the fabric soaked in. The alum is used to make the paint adhere to the fabric better. My colors washed out a little. For my first attempt at marbling, I'm happy. I'll need to experiment a little more. I need to work on my color combinations. My favorite is the black and white one. I also want to try marbling onto colored fabric I did mine on white fabric.

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