Saturday, January 19, 2013

Marbling - Day 3

Here are the marbling results from yesterday. The first two pieces have a second layer of marbling added to them.

This one, I just used black and white paint.

This one had a second layer added to it. You can see the smaller circles in a grid. This was done by floating a foam stencil on top of the methyl cel and using it to keep the paint contained.

This is marbling on organza. Should have layed it on a piece of black fabric so it would show up better.

I did some more marbling tonight after I go home from work. This is really addictive!!! I tried marbling on some commercial fabrics and a couple pieces of silk. They are down on the floor of the basement drying. Not sure what I will make with these. Did I say this was addictive?? Really, really addictive???

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