Friday, January 18, 2013

Marbling - Day 2

Here's day 2 of marbling. I added more alum to the water I soak the fabric in. I followed Pro Chem's directions and it seems to have worked better. I also used colored fabric instead of white. I think that made a difference in how they look. A couple of them were hand-dyed fabric and you can see the mottling coming through the paint.  The 3 in the first photo, I have close-ups of. The 3 in the second photo I have all set to add a second layer of marbling. Jo Fitsell said she doesn't soak the fabric in alum for the second layer, but I have so much background fabric showing that I decided to soak them in alum just to be safe. I'll probably end up putting a second layer on the first 3 too.

It's interesting how different the paints look on different background fabrics. All of these were marbled with the same paint colors. Well, at least with having Gary down in Boston for another 5 weeks, I don't have to worry about how big a mess I make in the basement experimenting!!! Well, I'm off to the basement to have some more fun!

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