Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Calico Cupboard

Well, I made my last trip to the local quilt shop, The Calico Cupboard. The owners are closing up the shop and retiring. They have been open for 28 years. It is sad to see the shop close but I can understand their wanting to spend time doing other things and seeing more of their family. It was a little depressing today seeing how empty the store was. I wandered around and visited for a while. I did find some things I couldn't do without.

I found out that there will be a new quilt shop opening but I don't know if they will carry what I need or just cater to traditional quilters. Have to wait until May to find out. I do live 30 minutes from Keepsake Quilting but hardly ever get over there and it's not like I can just drop by when I need something. Lately whenever I have gone to Keepsake, I haven't found much that said "BUY ME".

Maybe this will force me to get back into painting and dyeing my own fabric. I keep wanting to do some but never seem to find the time.

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roxie said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm would visit The Calico Cupboard when I would visit my Godsister. Geriann used to teach classes there.

I loved that store, I wish Nancy all the best in her retirement.

Toronto, Ontario Canada