Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kara & Alex

I thought I'd never get these pictures loaded. Having a hard time with our internet connection. Thought I'd start with a picture of Alex and Kara since this post is about them.

I finished rebacking Alex's quilt. It's not my neatest backing and binding but Alex is happy. The quilt is 10 1/2 years old and been patched and patched so the edges are all curvy and wavy.

Kara doesn't have my fascination with quilting but whenever she needs to make a project for school, she tends to turn to quilts. She has also picked out a few patterns at the quilt store and made those.

This quilt is one Kara designed and made after hearing about Africa. In 6th grade the daughter of one of the teachers came and talked to them about Africa after being there with the Peace Corps.
As you can see Kara likes my hand dyed fabrics and batiks as much as I do. She used raw edge applique to put the quilt together and used raffia for the hut. There are also some beads and charms on it that are hard to see.

This one was a pattern that we picked up at the quilt store.
She sewed it together and I did the free motion quilting

This quilt was made for a class along with one like it in cool colors. She had to do some sort of project that showed warm and cool colors. She designed it and fused the swirls on. The cool colored one she gave to her Aunt Debbie for Christmas.

Currently she is working on one she designed of her rabbit. She hasn't worked on it in a while but she will start again eventually. She is also designing one for a project in her English class.

Kara may not be obsessed with quilting like I am but she does like to quilt in her own way.

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